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From adult parties, to business, to weddings...every workshop is tailored to the participant's needs so naturally they are all very different! Here are a few examples of workshops I can do for you...

Pink Daisy

PARTIES: I create and run role play drama parties for birthdays, weddings, work dos, halloween parties- any excuse for a party! This entails a theme, characters, props, music and scripts, alongside a gripping and fun story, that gets everyone involved and playing! Each party is tailored, it could be a murder mystery, fantasy adventure, historical reenactment, it's up to you! 


BUSINESSES: These workshops act as both a fun team building experience and as a tool for developing vital skills in the workplace. Previous workshops have focused on public speaking, confidence building and how to sell your ideas effectively. These workshops are also great at breaking down mental blocks and opening up creativity. 


PERFORMERS: Got an audition? Feeling rusty? Or do you want to work on a specific script? Brilliant! These sessions are very flexible, so whatever your goal is, we will work together so you can achieve it. We can work on various performance styles, audition technique, self tape technique, or exploring a chosen piece to get it performance ready. Sessions can be run in a group setting or one on one. 

UNIQUE: These sessions tend to be one on one where an individual is planning something unique for a special event such as a proposal or wedding speech/performance. In these sessions I help the individual write, create and rehearse their idea so they are ready for the big day!

ELDERLY and SEN: These workshops are designed to be playful and stimulative. They include story sharing, script making, mask making, film making and help to both encourage socialising and build confidence in the participants.   

HOSPITALS and IN CARE: These sessions are designed to spark enjoyment and give light relief to those who are in long term care or recovering from trauma. The workshops offer escapism and playfulness through role play games where the participants can design the characters, create the story and simply play. A similar dynamic to the party workshops but adapted to suit particular needs.

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