In 2020 Ellie will be returning to Croydonites festival with her one woman comedy show 'Moon Face' and will be co-writing and starring in a new musical 'Pressure Cooker.'    Ellie Scanlan is an actress, writer, director and drama facilitator.

She studied acting at The Actors Class under artistic director Mary Doherty, playwriting at The Royal Exchange Theatre Manchester and Wilton's Music Hall London, facilitating and directing with The National Youth Theatre and The University of Manchester.  

Ellie is also the producer and joint creator of The Unfinished Things Festival with Will Tribble

In 2019 Ellie directed, co-wrote and starred in 'Beneath These Tarmac Cracks' which premiered at The Not Quite Light Festival in Salford. She also starred alongside Bafta nominated actress Joanna Scanlan in 'The Elephant in the Room' which premiered at Croydonites Festival. In 2019 she also joined The Omnibus Theatre in Clapham as their new Youth Theatre Director. 

"Fortunately for Ellie Scanlan, her eye-watering, red-faced rendition of the title song was near perfection. Her comic timing was perfect, even her silent moments were somehow explosive, and I’ve never seen someone with such a mobile, expressive face. She was almost like a silent film star in her exaggerated drama."-As Sally Bowles 

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