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From babies, to school plays, to parties...Every workshop is tailored to the participant's needs so naturally they are all very different! Here are a few examples of workshops I can create


SCHOOLS The workshops I deliver in schools are adapted to differing age groups and abilities. They can be designed to accompany a subject theme at school- such as the environment, the tudors, or learning Shakespeare. Workshops come with information packs, music, props and plenty of drama! 

IMAGINATION ROLE PLAY These workshops are a real hit with the kids. Using improvisation, role play and storytelling children are taken on an adventure where they must design and become a character and help solve a fantastical mystery! These workshops encourage oodles of imagination, team work and playfulness. No two sessions are the same because the children are the story makers- you never know where they'll take you! These sessions have been booked for schools, parties and community events. 

STORYTELLING My storytelling sessions have been previously booked for nurseries, events, libraries and schools. They include music, puppetry and interactive art for the children. You can request original stories, traditional stories, or stories based on a theme. Children are encouraged to get up and join in with the story!

SCHOOL PLAYS From Shakespeare to the nativity, I can make teacher's lives a little bit more easy, by coming in and running the school play! These workshops are usually delivered weekly and tailored to incorporate school curriculum in the learning. For this role I can provide a script, run poster making sessions, and provide a practical booklet for teachers and parents including costume ideas and ways for children to practice at home.

SENSORY PLAY for EARLY YEARS These workshops are designed for babies and toddlers to take part in with their parent/guardian. The sessions were inspired by my time as a play worker and studying Early Years Play Development. Each workshop tells a story with the help of  a variety of props such as bubbles, feathers, blankets, fans and sensory stimulants such as lights, water and musical instruments. These sessions are delightful for both adults and their young one to play and take part in. 

YOUTH THEATRE DIRECTING I am the director at Omnibus Youth Theatre in Clapham Common. This term the youngest group, aged 5 to 7, are exploring poetry and improvisation, while the older group are exploring script writing and acting with horror as it's theme!

PARTIES Party workshops can be delivered in your home or party venue. The stories are specially written with your theme and birthday child in mind. They include role play, costumes, games and music. Previous requested themes have included 'Ninja Princesses' and 'Bunnies in Space!' 

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