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Help! Can you finish the story?

Hello! I need your help. My story 'The Magic Blanket Fort' isn't finished and needs the next chapter, can you write what happens next and send it to me at ?I'm going to pick out a few favourites and record them for another video.

Happy story making!

Barnaby and Mia were stuck inside. The whole world was quiet. The park was empty, the playground was bare. They sat by the window and stared.

Then Mia had an idea. Let's make a den! We have blankets and pillows, pegs and string, we can make a den out of anything!

So Barnaby and Mia got to work. They used a broom as a pole and made their bed sheets into a tent. They took some old christmas lights and decorated the outside and stuffed the inside full of their favourite toys.

While they were building, the den fell down a few times, that was ok! It made them try things a different way. At last it was done and what a brilliant den it was! It was the perfect size for both of them and their toys. It was even big enough for their grown up to stick their head in and say hello.

Barnaby and Mia decided to make a picnic to eat in their den. They had crisp sandwiches and juice. Maybe being stuck inside wasn't so bad after all?

Just as they were finishing their picnic, Barnaby noticed something strange. There was a pillow that neither of them had seen before. It was bright purple, yellow and orange, with green frilly bits, and it was shiny!

'That's odd,' they said as they crawled closer to take a look. As Barnaby reached out their hand to touch the soft pillow, it fell over, to reveal something amazing! A secret tunnel.

Mia and Barnaby gasped. The tunnel was made out of sheets and pillows just like their den, but they didn't build it.

They quickly climbed out of the den to see where the tunnel lead, but when they got out they couldn't see a tunnel anywhere.

Confused, they ran back inside, but sure enough the tunnel was still there!

This time it was full of christmas fairy lights, it looked magical, and very very long.

'Shall we go in?' Said Mia.'Ok, but don't go without me.' Said Barnaby.

So together they crawled into the shiny tunnel, deeper and deeper they went, until finally they saw another bright purple, yellow and orange pillow with green frilly bits like before!

Mia pushed onto the pillow and again it fell down, and they saw something amazing.

It was....

What did they see? Was it a creature? A person? A toy? Something magical? Where did the tunnel lead them to? A new world? You decide!!

Send your ideas to

I'm excited to red them!

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