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From games, to auditions, to finding work... Every workshop is tailored to the participant's needs so naturally they are all very different! Here are a few examples of workshops I can do for you...


Omnibus Young Company Every Saturday I direct the youth company at Omnibus Theatre in Clapham Common. This term the advanced group are focusing on designing, directing and making an immersive show while the intermediate group are exploring writing horror for stage. 


Interview technique These workshops are designed to improve technique and prepare for university interviews, job interviews, auditions, drama scholarships and public speaking. They can be taught to a group or one on one. 

LAMDA exams LAMDA- the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts- host a series of performing art exams across the country that are designed for ages 5 all the way to adult. They include poetry, acting, devising and Shakespeare. This is my fourth year teaching LAMDA, I cover the acting and poetry modules all the way to Gold medal. 

Role Play Games In these sessions I take influence from RPG games such as Dungeons and Dragons, and improvisation. These sessions are very fun and spark a lot of playfulness and imagination. Participants design their own characters and experience the story live on their feet with quick thinking, impulsiveness and challenges. A great way of getting a group of young people to work together, trust their instincts and be bold. 


Acting Script Writing Directing These sessions are designed to push a young person's talent and creativity to an exciting new level. Whatever the participant's next goal is, to study further at University level or to seek work in the creative industry, these sessions will ensure that they are in good stead to achieve their goal. With my experience as a working actor, writer and director and my previous experience as a drama A level and BTEC teacher, I can work with the participants to ensure that they are reaching their full potential.

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